Art Direction, Concept, Visual Identity, Logo Design, Branding / Identity, Motion Design, Web Design, Packaging, Design Illustration, UI design web & app, Visual and interior design, Signage and Wayfinding, Fair design

User Interface, Website custom, Platform custom, Development App custom iOs e Android, E-commerce, Search Engine Optimization, Theodor - content and live events platform, Ecosistema digitale, Digital fairs, Digital showroom, Digital catwalks and Runway show

Welcome, Family day, Company meetings, Openings, Live presentations, Webinars, Learning / Training courses, Wedding, Catwalks and Runway shows

Video shooting, Editing video, Video interview, Documentary video, Graphic animation video, Tutorial video, Corporate video, 3D video, Infographic video, Interactive videomapping, Photo shooting, Still life, Post production, Rendering

Project management, Key accounting, Customer relationship, Copywriting, Content creation, Social management - content creation and management, Company storytelling, ADV campaigns creation

Marketing, Brand positioning, Benchmark , UX - User experience web & app, Social Strategy, Plan social media, SEO & Article Marketing, Newsletter & Marketing Automation, ADS SEM/Google