1 6
Art Direction, Concept, Visual Identity, Logo Design, Branding / Identity, Motion Design, Web Design, Packaging, Design Illustration, UI design web & app, Visual and interior design, Signage and Wayfinding, Fair design
2 6
User Interface, Website custom, Platform custom, Development App custom iOs e Android, E-commerce, Search Engine Optimization, Theodor - content and live events platform, Ecosistema digitale, Digital fairs, Digital showroom, Digital catwalks and Runway show
3 6
Welcome, Family day, Company meetings, Openings, Live presentations, Webinars, Learning / Training courses, Wedding, Catwalks and Runway shows
4 6
Video shooting, Editing video, Video interview, Documentary video, Graphic animation video, Tutorial video, Corporate video, 3D video, Infographic video, Interactive videomapping, Photo shooting, Still life, Post production, Rendering
5 6
Project management, Key accounting, Customer relationship, Copywriting, Content creation, Social management - content creation and management, Company storytelling, ADV campaigns creation
6 6
Marketing, Brand positioning, Benchmark , UX - User experience web & app, Social Strategy, Plan social media, SEO & Article Marketing, Newsletter & Marketing Automation, ADS SEM/Google